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patrol in oakland has two drivers in custody following a pair of overnight pursuits on the freeway and through parts of the city. [ sirens ] >> the chp in oakland took over the slow speed chase on northbound 880 when the driver without headlights refused to stop in san jose. others put out spike strips force ago that vehicle to stop the driver was arrested -- and faces charges. an hour later the highway patrol was called to a driver going the wrong way on 98th avenue in oakland. the driver refused to pull over. chase through east oakland ended near 92nd avenue and c street when two got out and ran officers caught one. the car was stolen. >> 4:31. let's look at forecast. what is next? >> hopefully, no damage at
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your house? >> no, just my pride, my dog got out had to chase her while she was laughing at me. >> what is it looking like out there? >> looking dry. there's live doppler, good news for the morning commute, the fact that we just had mainly cloudy conditions outside this morning. 10 to 20° cooler than yesterday, a lot in the 30s and 40s, by the around in the upper 50s with3c÷ a light breee at the coast, dry today around the bay low to mid 60s, low to mid 60s inland, no rain, we'll see increasing sunshine as we head through the afternoon, don't go too far away, more rain in the forecast. it is quiet this morning. a little wet as far as leaves and so forth on the surface streets and pooling of water from all that water we had over the weekend. take extra care, very light now. no wind and no significant problems on the roads light
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through the golden gate bridge, no roadwork, fog-free nice and clear many san jose 87 northbound hp pavillion on left, light out there, folks taking a break from the last couple of mornings that have been treacherous. roadwork eastbound 580 between greenville and north flynn picked up 11:00 this morning in the eastbound direction. earlier car going wrong direction on westbound 80, chp has that store still might be blocking right lane, on the scene. 4:33. residents of a vallejo trailer park are back home after flood waters and mud forced evacuation over the weekend. kira klapper is near the scene with more. >> reporter: good morning. totally different scene here now than it was less than 12
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hours ago. all that is left an a little mud behind me. video you can see from last night. take a look at this, completely different, water flowing almost like river rapids through the park, many residents were forced to evacuate as water was sent into their trailers. some of the residents were told to stay inside their homes, but ignored those warnings afraid their homes might drift away in the water that seemed like river rapids it flooded their community as you can see the water is gone, still muddy remnants, better way to tart their morning here in vallejo they are in their -- to start their morning here in vallejo, they are in their homes. kira klapper, abc7 news. city crews in lafayette resume work this morning on a large hole on a street that may take days to fix.
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the sinkhole is on mountain view drive near mount diablo boulevard created by vol len creek interest yesterday's huge storm it began flowing into the neighborhood after piles of large debris clogged up the culvert washed await earth between culvert and the road when the road collapsed it snapped off a water service line, a sueage line and badly damaged a water main -- sewage line and badly damaged a water main. amy hollyfield will have a live report in the next half hour. this morning road crews in santa cruz county assessing damage of a washed out road. this photo of vine hill road near camino vista the road is closed in both directions. manager says it is not clear how long it is going to take to repair the closure will be long term. two other rock sides on highway 17 yesterday morning were -- rock slides on highway
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17 yesterday morning were cleared by afternoon. middle school in fairfax suffered significant flooding. the school library was flooded and there's mud throughout the campus. school officials need today to cleanup and arrange for temporary classrooms. the school hotline will have a message this afternoon on whether classes can resume tomorrow. >> viewers continue to send storm pictures this shows a mudslide on highway 84, that road was cleared last night. this photo shows the ashby tunnel in berkeley flooded over with drain water. if you've taken any good weather photos, we would like to see them, e-mail them to us. with more rain expected this week, stay with abc7 news for continuing storm watch coverage. you can track the systems any time with live doppler at 4:36.
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in two hours the u.s. supreme court may reveal whether it willway in on same-sex marriage. -- whether it willway in on same-sex marriage. if the court reviews prop 8 the( ruling will come in june if the justices refuse to hear the --. [ unintelligible ] a san francisco elementary school reopens today after being scrubbed down to control a viral outbreak over the weekend after 150 students and faculty stayed home friday due to an outbreak of gastroenteritis. the lunch room was up to par. school is expected to go on as this morning, parents are
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urged to keep children home if they show symptoms of the virus. getting used to drying not too used to it. >> mike there's more rain headed our way? >> yeah, just a little, not a lot. don't get concerned about we are going to have a repeat of the last two storms, we won't. temperatures cooler this morning. the area 50 san francisco, napa 40 everybody else in the mid to upper 40s. fairly calm out there. because we have cloud cover we are not seeing thick fog yet. it could be out there in small patches if the clouds open a little which they are going to do shortly. here we go with northeast wind three oakland west wind five santa rosa that's it. some of the clouds and the reason why the fog hasn't formed storm track to the north temporarily today. enjoy the dry weather while we
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have it. 40s mainly cloudy through 7:00, mid to upper 50s noon, partly sunny, more sun throughout the noon into the afternoon. upper 50s to near 60 4:00, need a jacket this evening low to mid 50s under mostly cloudy skies. the rain returns tonight into tomorrow mainly north bay start spreading south as we head through the day tuesday, scattered showers possible wednesday, drier thursday. first look this morning bay bridge toll is light and live and no issues coming into san francisco on the upper deck. same with the san mateo bridge, a little crowded towards the highrise westbound no significant delays, 13 to 40 minute drive. roadwork eastbound 580 between greenville and north flynn. there was a high speed chase
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involving a chp vehicle that was flipped and injured the officer. that is on eastbound 580 still near north flynn it could be blocking a lane that's where it was in the eastbound direction there was some confusion about which direction. chp letting us know it is blocking the left lane. wrong way car westbound 80 has been cleared. city leaders may be ready to make major tweak to subway project. the neighborhood that could be the last stop. young cancer patient taken from the hospital by her mother. why police say the search for her is now a race against time.
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>> good monday morning. live look outside highway 87 in san jose roads dry. also cold. the air out there very chilly. meteorologist mike nicco will check out your forecast. sue will look at your commute. the head of san francisco's muni system wants to silence opposition in north beach to the central subway construction project by extending the line from chinatown into north beach according to a chronicle report. right now the one billion dollar project is slated to run from the south of market area to stock and washington streets the plan includes digging up parts of columbus avenue in north beach so huge subway drilling machines could be stored. they are in protests from nearby merchants. he's recommend being the subway be extended for a new station to be built at the
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site of the long vacant pagoda theater. man struck while walking on bay area freeway westbound 580 in richmond last night the man was walking along harbor way when he was struck by a big rig and then several cars, he died at the scene. investigators thought the victim came from a homeless encampment but that was not the case. storm cleanup continues around the bay area one community fathered better than expected four to 10 inches of -- rain fell in sonoma county the russian river didn't overflow as predicted. in napa there was flooding but it was not the deluge that residents feared. >> reporter: napa river preached its peak before 6 p.m. stayed within it banks, nobody was flooded. officials and residents give credit to recent flood control project.
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>> i'm thankful the engineers engineered correctly and it is working. >> big, wide, the project seems to be working. i was a skeptic, but i think it is doing its job. >> reporter: the river was expected to go a foot above flood stage five miles north of downtown, mainly an agricultural area with few homes nearby. >> i've got a natural drainage swell in the back of the property that runs through the vineyards over to the creek we'll find out hopefully i'll stay dry. >> we were expecting more rainfall, we had two inches in our yard in north napa they were calling for three to seven. i think that had a lot to do with it. the way nature works. >> reporter: a few businesses kept sandbags handy as a precaution but they were not needed. the sandbag operation is winding down. the flood watch in effect earlier has been cancelled
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many john alston, abc7 news. rocks and mudslides created problems for drive areas long highway 16. heavy rain pounded the canyon saturday night into yesterday morning causing a series of rock slides west of 505. slides forced closure of highway 16 from state route 20 to the county line, caltrans hopes to have highway 16 cleared an later today. i'm glad to hear that whatever rain we'll be getting now won't be like yesterday. >> not even close, thankfully, hopefully won't cause any more damage many the ground is still saturated all the streams are starting to recede some of the rivers have peaked. we'll look at a lot of gauges coming up. right now we saw emeryville to
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san francisco how clear it was. live doppler over the last three hours, you don't see any radar returns just a lot of high clouds waiting for you this morning. temperatures much cooler than they have been. running around 10 to 20° cooler low to mid 50s there, i should say low to mid 40s there monterey bay mid 40s to 50°. in the afternoon partly sunny increasing sunshine today, with the sun angle this time of the year and light breeze, don't expect much in the way of drying, if any. we need a warm breeze and a lot of sunshine to tart drying this ground that is not going to happen today. coolest temperature, 57 in ukiah, low to mid 60s, 62 san francisco, san rafael and napa towards concord, fremont, san mateo. if you are heading to the monterey bay, the same, high clouds this morning, increasing sun this afternoon, low to mid 60s around the bay,
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mainly mid 60s inland 64 gilroy, hollister and salinas. tonight clouds roll in, chance of rain to the north bay, temperatures there in the mid to upper 40s a few mid to upper 40s concord, livermore, fremont, san jose and palo alto, low to mid 80s, oakland, san mateo and san francisco. rain will slide from the north bay into most of our neighborhoods by tuesday afternoon. more scattered in nature, showers for wednesday, up to an inch in the north bay, up to half an inch around the bay, maybe a quarter of an inch in the south bay once we get past that, dry thursday through sunday. good morning. golden gate fields westbound 80 east shore freeway is light at this hour, a little bunching up where 580 merges with 80, then everything picks up and moves slight nightly
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into the macarthur maze with no delays there. san rafael tail lights southbound past the civic center on the left of the freeway, it is at the limit, no roadwork once you get to the golden gate bridge it too is clear no roadwork there. roadwork eastbound 580 between greenville and north flynn, eastbound as well as at north flynn is where that chp officer flipped his car, injured, high speed chase earlier this morning, estimate blocking lanes, in the construction zone already coned off. just about 4:49. authorities in japan are suspending rescue and recovery work while the roof of a collapsed highway tunnel is reinforced, at least nine people died as concrete slabs fell on to vehicles yesterday. the collapse happened halfway into the three mile tunnel west of tokyo. teams are holding out hope of finding survivors. the roof was inspected in
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september that. inspection found nothing wrong. search continues for an 11-year-old cancer patient. police say the girl known as emily was taken from a phoenix hospital, by her mother, the day before she was scheduled to be discharged. hospital surveillance video captured emily, a young boy and her mother walking out of the hospital 10:30 p.m. wednesday. >> this case, we have an 11-year-old girl who can't decide for herself, her parents are removing her from the hospital and putting her in danger. highly likely she could obtain infection and die within a couple of dies. -- a couple of days. emily and her family were seen driving away in a black minivan. coming up at 7:00, why police feel emily's family may be especially difficult to track down. three firefighters injured at the scene of a rain-related accident. hit by a skidding vehicle caught on video. uns had of schools are
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about to try a new experiment to close the learning
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good morning. monday aftermath juror storms. looking -- aftermath of major storms . ford is moving quickly to address safety issues after announcing latest recall more than 89,000 escape suv's ford says the 2013 vehicles have 1.6 liter engines. the company is working on a fix asking owners to contact
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dealers who will arrange for loaners. ford says it has reports of 12 fires in escapes and one in a fusion, no injuries reported. three east bay firefighters are recovering from serious injuries after they were hit while working crashes on highway 24 in orinda. they are all veterans of the moraga orinda fire department, video was caught seconds after the accident happened yesterday. totally frightening. the injured firefighters were part of the crew at the scene of two earlier storm-related crashes. after the first accident, a second car skidded into a fire truck and pulled over to the side of the road that's when the would have of it happened. >> -- that's when the worst of it happened. >> the third car hit the side of our fire engine rolled on to the embankment and hit three of our firefighters and the person we were taking the report from. >> driver interviewed and driver of the suv also taken
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to the hospital. both are in critical condition. two of the firefighters need surgery now for their injuries. >> so frightening. in the rain yesterday, it was obviously slippery so folks would have been vice to -- been advised to keep speeds down. >> [ unintelligible ] live doppler, 7 hd, good one out there not much going on in the south bay, let's look at the rest of the bay, very quiet, that's good news, temperatures coming your way, 40 napa, 50 san francisco, in the afternoon increasing sunshine, high clouds and temperatures in the low to mid 60s. roadwork at eastbound 580 no problems here as you head into san francisco as you
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drive into the golden gate bridge no fog there very light traffic working on this situation eastbound 580 where we've got a chp officer that was flippedded in an accident there and no problems with getting by in the eastbound direction and in a construction zone, right there at north flynn. that accident now out of lanes. construction will remain until 11:00 this morning. slow traffic out of antioch this morning looking good, no significant delays as you make your way towards concord, great highway closed for the sand that has blown all over the highway near vote boulevard they hope to have that cleared -- >> the oakland city council will hear from both sides on a controversial proposal for a dog park. a stretch of green on the corner of macarthur maze boulevard and lake --
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macarthur boulevard and lake shore avenue. dog lovers want to fence off 21,000 square feet to use for a dog park. opponents say the area is not the right location for a dog park. california educators will be watching to see what happens when the school year gets longer in five states starting in 2013, colorado, connecticut, massachusetts, new york and tennessee will add 300 hours ever of instruction part of a three year project that will affect 20,000 in 40 schools. administrators hope it makes american students more competitive with their counterparts in other countries. districts can decide if they will add extra hours or extra days. breaking news in the east bay, two highway patrol identifies are injured after their vehicle flips during a pursuit, we have incredible video coming up. weekend's super soaker
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washes away a chunk of road in the east bay. neighbors say it could have been much worse. good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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breaking news near livermore two chp officers have been injured when their patrol car flipped during a high speed chase on 580. the pursuit started 5:30 near israel avenue in livermore. >> the officers were chasing a

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